Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff, a market leader in informal luxury handbags, clothing, accessories, apparel, and shoes. Born in San Diego, California, Rebecca Minkoff’s first love was the skill of design and she started stitching at the age of 8. Even though Rebecca’s bags have already been popular among the superstars and ladies all over the world, she started creating clothes at age of 18. Her love for design and fashion motivated her to go to New York just after high school graduation and do a profession as a designer.

Rebecca introduced her clothes collection in 2001. Her clothes collection had the important points that a person would expect in a well-made clothing and were slice to move over the entire body without difficulty. Her very first taste at good results arrived when an “I love New York” t shirt Rebecca created made it onto Jay Leno and into US Weekly. Rebecca used the next few years stitching I Love New York tee shirts on the floor of her New York apartment.

After to start with creating clothes, Rebecca Minkoff moved forward into designing handbags, start from the request of once again, Jenna Elfman. Rebecca agreed to create a handbag for a movie that Jenna would star in and therefore “Rebecca Minkoff morning after bag” came into this world. This started her target more on producing designer handbags, even so she continue to does keep a clothing series also.

The Rebeccaminkoff Morning After Bag may perhaps be one of the most desired hand bags to come along in a while. Currently you will discover a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag on the shoulders of stars like Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, and Hayden Panettiere.

In case you aren’t already the happy owner of a Morning After Bag or know almost no about Rebecca Minkoff hand bags, you’ll be able to be comforted in realizing that her hand bags are created using the highest quality Italian natural leather and present a significant focus on detail. It’s this high quality which has helped Rebecca Minkoff hand bags explode in popularity during the past year.

The Morning After Bag is termed properly because of its use. Before a evening out with the ladies, you are able to put a couple of things that you may possibly have to have each morning without the need of taking along another bag. The Morning After Bag is large sufficient to hold your make-up, toiletries, an alteration of clothes as well as other unmentionables to help you get on your way each morning looking somewhat look good. With handles which could conveniently move over your shoulder, this bag is ideal for a night time partying.

Now, in terms of your fashion price range, this handbag fits someplace in the middle between insanely high-priced and department shop bags. Even if fashion is essential to you doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to break your budget.

You can find sample sale from many stores or online shops, some products are very popular now such as Rebecca Minkoff nikki, mab, morning after clutch. Besides clothing and handbags you can find a pair of shoes for you, which was designed by Rebecca.